Hong Kong Gold Medal Seafood Hotpot presents superb seafood specialties that feature the flavor and flair of Hong Kong cuisine. Made with premium, ocean-fresh ingredients, these summer dishes will please even the pickiest palates.

Nine Treasures Conch Soup

This healthy and delicious soup is inspired by traditional recipes. Premium conch meat, Chinese yams, goji berries and a secret blend of herbs are slowly simmered for 6 hours. The flavorful broth is believed to remove toxins from the liver and nourish the lungs and kidneys—making it ideal for summer.
Price: MOP988

Sautéed King Crab Two Ways

Norwegian king crab is prized around the world as a culinary treasure. Our chefs present a tantalizing duet of the impressive shellfish. Crab meat is pan-fried with egg white and bean sprouts to create a sumptuous mélange of flavors. The succulent shelled crab legs are expertly sautéed and served with red cabbage, highlighting the natural goodness of the sea.
Price: Market Price

Location: Galaxy Macau™, M01, M/F