Enjoy the finest flavors of the world at Galaxy Macau™!

This month, we have “beefed up” our selection of culinary treasures with premium beef from 6 countries – Japan, Australia, the US, Canada, Portugal and France. Each breed and cut comes with a distinct flavor and marbling, which will be masterfully enhanced by our chefs.

Miyazaki Wagyu from Japan
Winner of the “National Wagyu Award” by the Wagyu Registry Association in Japan, Miyazaki wagyu is famed for its snowflake-like fat marbling. For this promotion, we will be using Miyazaki wagyu of the highest grade – A5.

Kagoshima Wagyu from Japan
This beef is the “Overall Winner” in the “Japanese Wagyu Olympics” which is held every 5 years. The intense marbling and full-bodied flavor offer beef lovers the ultimate experience. 

Kyoto Miyabi Wagyu from Japan
Only produced at selected farms in Kyoto Prefecture, this premium wagyu is a popular choice among Michelin-starred restaurants. It has also received top awards in the National Wagyu Beef Competition in 2014.

Australian Wagyu
Australia has come to be one of the biggest wagyu producers, offering the world an amazing selection of marbled meat. The Tajima breed of wagyu is widely considered one of the highest quality cuts in the world and is much sought after for its buttery softness.

Canada AAA Beef 
The cattle are raised in High River in Alberta without using hormones or antibiotics. The bright red beef has a firm texture and richly abundant marbling, a result of being grain fed for half a year.

Barrosã Beef from Portugal
Barrosã cattle are raised in mountainous Northern Portugal and because they are free to forage in the mountains, the meat is especially succulent, with a unique flavor of international merit. Barrosã beef is also geographically protected.

Charolais AOC Beef from France
Charolais cattle can reach an exceptional size of 900kg! Charolais beef has attained AOC status, meaning that it is unique to the region. The famed “Label Rouge” brand of Charolais steak is particularly flavorsome with even marbling.

Enjoy them in different styles at our world-class restaurants and stay tuned for more exciting ingredients in the coming months!

BelonGrilled Miyabi Wagyu Beef Filet MignonMOP988  / 8 oz.Book Now
Yoshimori TeppanyakiMiyazaki A5 Wagyu with Freshly Grated Wasabi and Sakura SaltMOP988Book Now
Spicy GardenKagoshima A5 Wagyu in Sour SoupMOP888Book Now
Hong Kong Gold Medal Seafood Hot PotAustralia M9 Wagyu BeefMOP888 / 300gBook Now
The Apron Oyster Bar & GrillGrilled Tajima Wagyu Cube RollMOP788Book Now
Jin Yue Xuan Seafood RestaurantSautéed Diced Miyazaki A5 Wagyu with Black Pepper and GarlicMOP780​Book Now
Terrace RestaurantPan-seared Australian M7 Wagyu RibeyeMOP750  / 270gBook Now
The Noodle KitchenSautéed Australian M5 Wagyu Cubes with Eggplant and Black PepperMOP488Book Now
Café de Paris (Trial Restaurant)Roasted Charolais AOC Beef Striploin with Bordelaise Sauce and Pomme Pont NeufMOP398Book Now
GostoHot Stone Barrosã Steak with French FriesMOP368Book Now
Terrazza Italian RestaurantUS Pure Black Angus Hanger Steak with Chimichurri SauceMOP288Book Now
Lugang CaféSautéed Angus Beef Fillet with Hot Green PepperMOP198Book Now