The pastures in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales are famous for the quality of the Australian lambs which graze and are nurtured there. Galaxy Macau’s chefs particularly appreciate the lean, tender and delicately flavored meat which results from rich pasture with clover, rye and other grasses, and also high quality supplementary feeding. The lamb is a pure natural product of a pristine environment, and the chefs know the meat to be healthy because it is free of unnatural additives. The lambs are raised without antibiotics or hormonal growth supplements.
Equally suitable for Western or Asian cuisines, Snowy Mountain Lamb has inspired Galaxy Macau’s chefs to create dishes prepared by methods ranging from  Mediterranean style slow cooking to Chinese stir frying, each shining a light on the natural taste and texture of this premium quality Australian meat.    

Lugang CaféStir-fried Sliced Snowy Mountain Lamb with LeekMOP188Book Now
Stir-fried Sliced Snowy Mountain Lamb with Black PepperMOP188
Café de Paris Monte-CarloNavarin of Snowy Mountain LambMOP188Book Now
The Noodle KitchenStir-fried Sliced Snowy Mountain Lamb with CuminMOP188Book Now
Stir-fried Sliced Snowy Mountain Lamb with Mushrooms and Preserved Chili MOP188
Pak Loh Chiu Chow RestaurantStir-fried Sliced  Snowy Mountain Lamb with OnionMOP198Book Now
Braised Sliced Snowy Mountain Lamb with Black Fungus and Gold Mushrooms MOP198
Fook Lam MoonStir-fried Sliced Snowy Mountain Lamb with XO SauceMOP208Book Now
Stir-fried Sliced  Snowy Mountain Lamb with MushroomsMOP268
GostoSnowy Mountain Lamb Casserole with Potato, Tomato and Bread MOP208Book Now
TerrazzaSlow-cooked Snowy Mountain Lamb Shoulder with Celeriac Puree and Fondant Potato MOP288Book Now
The Apron Oyster Bar & GrillSlow-cooked Snowy Mountain Lamb, Marinated Fennel and Greens MOP488Book Now
FestivaChinese Style Stewed Snowy Mountain Lamb Brisket with Yam, Wolfberries and Red Dates Special Dish at the Buffet Book Now
BelonStewed Snowy Mountain Lamb and Pumpkin Ravioli, Crispy Raw Root Salad, Glazed Shallots and Lamb JusMOP268Book Now
Herb-crusted Snowy Mountain Lamb Chops, Ruby Potato Sauce and Mosaic of OilsMOP328
Man HoLamb Fillet with Chinese Parsley and Mixed Capsicum with Sweet and Spicy SauceMOP228Book Now
Lai Heen8-course Culinary Treasure MenuMOP1,888 per personBook Now