An Australian rock lobster from the clear cold waters of the Antarctic Ocean can be as long as 10 inches and as heavy as 6 pounds. Esteemed for the rich, ocean fresh flavor of their flesh, and a high meat to shell ratio, whether cooked with sweet basil or herb butter, grilled or simmered, the exquisite taste of these superb shellfish makes an occasion of any meal.

Café de Paris Monte-CarloAustralian Rock Lobster with Sauce AméricaineSeasonal PriceBook Now
TerrazzaAustralian Rock Lobster RavioliMOP248Book Now
Lugang CaféBraised Australian Rock Lobster with Basil LeafSeasonal PriceBook Now
Stir-fried Australian Rock Lobster with Salted Egg Yolk and ButterSeasonal Price
Pak Loh Chiu Chow RestaurantFried Australian Rock Lobster in Chiu Chow StyleSeasonal PriceBook Now
Chilled Australian Rock Lobster in Chiu Chow StyleSeasonal Price
The Apron Oyster Bar & GrillGrilled Australian Rock Lobster with Herb ButterSeasonal PriceBook Now
The Noodle KitchenAustralian Rock Lobster and Dumplings with Handmade RamenMOP298Book Now
Stir-fried Australian Rock Lobster with Ginger and Spring OnionMOP1,888
YoshimoriAustralian Rock Lobster with Homemade Japanese Garlic and Ginger Soy SauceMOP2,888Book Now
Fook Lam MoonBaked Australian Rock Lobster with CheeseSeasonal PriceBook Now
Wok-fried Australian Rock Lobster with Black Pepper and Bell PepperSeasonal Price
SaffronStir-fried Australian Rock Lobster with Thai Herbs, Young Pepper Corn, Chili and Hot BasilMOP428Book Now
Australian Rock Lobster in Spicy Red Curry Sauce with Thai Baby Eggplant and Sweet BasilMOP448
Crispy Fried Australian Rock Lobster with Garlic and ChiliMOP438
YamazatoSlow-simmered Australian Rock Lobster in White Miso SauceMOP380Book Now