Saffron, the signature Thai restaurant of Banyan Tree Macau, has chosen three traditional Thai styles of presentation for Vietnamese Giant River Prawn. For Goon Maenam Yang Gaeng Kati it is served char grilled with southern Thai style spicy turmeric curry sauce with tamarind, which enhances the sweetness of the flesh. It is accompanied by rice vermicelli noodles. Goong Tod Makham involves frying the prawn to satisfying crispness in a light tempura batter prior to tossing in a healthy fresh shallot and tamarind sauce. Sataw Pad Goong pairs the stir fried prawn with the strong flavors and aromas of twisted cluster beans and shallot shrimp paste, offering an assertive and authentic taste of southern Thailand. 


  • ​​Goon Maenam Yang Gaeng Kati (Grilled Vietnamese Giant River Prawn, Thai Southern Style Spicy Turmeric Curry with Rice Vermicelli) - MOP348

​​More Culinary Sensations: 

  • Goong Tod Makham (Crispy Fried Vietnamese Giant River Prawn with  Shallot and Tamarind Sauce) - MOP338
  • Sataw Pad Goong (Stir-fried Vietnamese Giant River Prawn with Twisted Cluster Beans and Shallot Shrimp Paste) - MOP338

Opening Hours: 12:30 – 22:30

Location: Banyan Tree Macau,G/F

Tel: +853 8883 6061