Renowned for authentic northern Asian delicacies and homemade noodle dishes, The Noodle Kitchen has chosen prime Western ingredients as inspiration in conceiving this unforgettable dish. Gently poached Australian rock lobster meat elevates the humble handmade noodles and dumplings to a luxurious level.  Aromatic balsamic vinegar completes a harmonious pairing of Chinese culinary expertise with premium Western produce. 


  • Australian Rock Lobster and Dumplings with Handmade Ramen - MOP298

More Culinary Sensations: 

  • Stir-fried Australian Rock Lobster with Ginger and Spring Onion - MOP1,888
  • Braised Giant Grouper with 15-year Aged Mandarin Peel and Roasted Pork Belly - MOP268
  • Stir-fried Beef Tenderloinwith 15-year Aged Mandarin Peel and Spring Onion - MOP238
  • Wok-fried Yellow-feather Chicken with Scallion and Black Beans - MOP188
  • Steamed Yellow-feather Chicken with Cordyceps Flower and Yellow Chili - MOP188

Opening Time: 24 Hours

Location: Galaxy Macau™, G/F, G084

Tel: +853 8883 2221