The chefs of the acclaimed Saffron restaurant at Banyan Tree Macau have been inspired to prepare Australian rock lobster in three different authentically Thai ways. Spicy Thai herbs such as young peppercorn, chili and hot basil bring out the umami nuances of the shellfish. Red curry sauce with Thai baby eggplant highlights the sweetness of the meat, and contributes to a warming winter glow, while frying with garlic and chili to a delicious crispness highlights the tenderness of the meat, while adding stimulating notes of warming spice. Each is an unforgettable winter dish. 


  • Stir-fried Australian Rock Lobster with Thai Herbs, Young Pepper Corn, Chili and Hot Basil - MOP428
  • Australian Rock Lobster in Spicy Red Curry Sauce with Thai Baby Eggplant and Sweet Basil - MOP448
  • Crispy Fried Australian Rock Lobster with Garlic and Chili - MOP438

Opening Time: 12:30 – 22:30

Location: Banyan Tree Macau, G/F

Tel: +853 8883 6061