Best Rate Guarantee Terms & Conditions

Last Update: 13 September 2017

Best Rate Guarantee is our promise to guests who book directly on our official websites. We guarantee that every Galaxy Hotel™ and Broadway Hotel room reservation booked through or website will have the lowest room price or total room cost (including all taxes and fees) as compared with the same room reservation publicly available on the Internet.

If you find a lower, publicly available room rate for the same hotel, travel dates, room type, bed type and number of guests on an online travel agency within 24 hours after making your reservation on or, we will match the lower price and also give you a MOP150 resort credit which can be applied to room service or used at over selected restaurant in our resort.


The Best Rate Guarantee only applies to Galaxy Hotel and Broadway Hotel located at Galaxy Macau™ and Broadway Macau™ (integrated resort) respectively. It does not, however, apply to other hotels located at the integrated resort thereof.


If you find a lower room rate that also has a lower total cost (including taxes, service charge and transaction fees) for a one-night stay, or a lower average nightly room rate that also has a lower average total room cost (including taxes, service charge and transaction fees) for a multi-night stay, on an online travel agency within 24 hours subsequent to booking on or for the exact same room type, bed type, date(s) and number of guests, we will

  • Match the lower price
  • MOP150 resort credit per room per night (Credit can be used at over 80 selected restaurants and room serivce.)



Online travel agency is an online retailer that provides bookings of travel, tourism and hospitality related services on behalf of travel suppliers such as airlines, hotels, and car rentals to consumers. An online travel agency may provide the foregoing booking services by means of a website and/or mobile app.


  • You must complete and submit a claim form to Galaxy Macau™ in accordance with the instructions on the claim form. Please complete the form and email it to for our verification.
  • You must submit your claim within 24 hours after making your reservation AND at least 24 hours prior to your arrival at the hotel.  Late claim will not be accepted.
  • You do not need to provide any screen shot in the claim that shows lower rates. We do not accept such screen shots of imagery of lower rates provided by guests as a result of the ease of modification or alteration of such imagery.
  • The average nightly lower room price and lower total room cost of the same room reservation must be available for booking at the time of claim verification and both must be lower than those reserved on or website, as determined by Galaxy Macau™  and in our sole discretion.
  • You can only submit one claim for each stay. A “stay” means the total number of consecutive nights reserved in one transaction and spent at the same hotel by the same guest(s).
  • Upon verification and validation for the claim at our sole discretion, we will send an email to you to confirm the adjusted room rate and the bonuses that you are entitled to.



The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to the following rate types:-

Package Rates

  • The Best Rate Guarantee applies to hotel room (without breakfast meal type) booking through online travel agency only.  It does not apply to any package rates or package bookings that consist of hotel accommodations and any other components or extra service(s) such as air tickets, car rental, ferry tickets, food & beverage, entertainment, spa and/or other amenities, etc.

Promotional or Special Rates

  • The Best Rate Guarantee applies to standard room rate that is booked through online travel agency.  The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to any promotional or special rates, in which such bookings are subject to certain restrictions such as non-cancellable and/or non-refundable; or the type of such bookings are “Advance Purchase”, “Extended Stay Offer”, “Last Minute Offer”, “Limited Time Offer” and/or “iDEAL”.

Corporate & Wholesale Rates

  • The Best Rate Guarantee applies to publicly available room rate booked through online travel booking agency only.   Non-publicly available rates include but not limited to negotiated corporate rates, group rates or rates that are specifically designated to a selected group of entities or persons and not intended for general public. For the avoidance of doubt, it does not apply to any special rates exclusively available to any junket operators or travel wholesalers, which are not allowed to sell rooms directly to hotel guests.
  • Any booking that requires check-in to the hotel at a designated location other than official hotel check-in counter, e.g. 3rd party casino club counter or call an unauthorized phone number upon check-in, are generally deemed to be corporate and wholesale rates.

Membership Rates

  • The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to hidden or unpublished rates that are only restricted to a closed group of members or buyers.
  • Rates deemed to be unpublished when it is not “publicly” available for the general public except when, and only when, the rates become available after the buyer registered as a member of the online travel agency or any other clubs or organizations (whether membership fee is required to be paid or not), including but not limited to the form of email membership and social media membership.

Opaque and Auction Rate

  • The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to any opaque or auction rates offered by any online travel agencies. An opaque rate limits you from obtaining certain information pertaining to the name of hotel and/or room type until you have guaranteed payment.  Auction rates allow the highest price bidder (whether a closed group or public) to book and confirm a hotel room online.
  • An opaque rate does not disclose any of the following details to the buyer:-
    • the name of the hotel
    • the exact location of the hotel
    • the identity and brand affiliation of the hotel
    • image, photo or any multimedia materials that may explicitly or implicitly disclose the hotel’s identify

Lower Rates on or

  • The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to a lower rate available on and websites subsequent to an existing reservation has been made on or



  • All claims are subject to verification.  To be eligible for the Best Rate Guarantee, the suspected lower rate, room type, bed type, booking type etc. found on the reported online travel agency have to be duly verified by us before we may process your claim.  If the lower rate belongs to any one of the above inapplicable rates, you will not be eligible to the Best Rate Guarantee.
  • PLEASE NOTE THAT: We do not accept screen shots of imagery of lower rates provided by you as a result of the ease of modification or alteration of such imagery.



  • Upon successful verification of a claim, the original rate will be automatically adjusted to match the lower rate and a confirmation email will be sent to you. You will be charged at the lower rate upon check in.
  • PLEASE NOTE THAT: all online room transactions made on and that are applicable to this Best Rate Guarantee are only guaranteed by credit card, and as such your credit card will only been charged upon check-in.



  • At any time up to the date of stay, we reserve the right to revoke any and all benefits of a guarantee, including the right to cancel previously awarded bonuses and the lower prices for the rest of the nights of a multi-night reservation if it is found that the buyer has violated or circumvented, the Best Rate Guarantee Terms & Conditions. Resale of rooms eligible for the guarantee is strictly prohibited.
  • In the event we believe that a room eligible for the guarantee has been resold, or the guarantee is otherwise being abused or manipulated to circumvent its intent, we reserve the right to reject the claims from any persons who participated in such actions.



  • We reserve our right to modify, restrict availability, or discontinue the Best Rate Guarantee, at any time, for any or no reason, and without prior notice or liability to you.
  • Any disputes arising out of these Terms and Conditions or the offer of the Best Rate Guarantee shall be subject to our final decision.
  • By participating into the Best Rate Guarantee and submission of the claim form, you hereby accept and agree to the foregoing terms and conditions, and all other terms and conditions contained in the claim form and other documents (if any).
  • All terms and conditions of the Best Rate Guarantee shall be subject to the laws of Macau S.A.R.