Macau: The Beautiful City

Before I came to Macau, people told me it was small and very crowded. But when I actually went there and saw for it myself, I was blown away by its beauty. Every inch was permeated with exotic Portuguese style. It was romantic, like a page out of history, with a beauty that was simply unforgettable.

If you have a holiday coming up, and have thought about going to Macau, then I really hope you will come back with more than just photos of the Ruins of St. Paul's, as incredible as this sight may be, there’s so much more to Macau. Here’s the story of how I spent my time in my beloved Macau.

I arrived in Macau around midday. I had managed to escape the dry and polluted weather in Beijing, to be greeted with warm bright sunshine. A beautiful start. I left the airport and boarded a complimentary shuttle bus to Galaxy Macau. It was so convenient! When we arrived at the hotel, even though we were attended to by the staff with the utmost courtesy.

My main aim for the half day was to eat my way down Rua do Cunha. Some people say we live to eat, and that certainly rings true for a foodie like me. Rua do Cunha is a small street of less than 100 meters, but home to countless fantastic eateries. Every step you take, the air is filled with the smell of another type of delicious food. Walking along this narrow lane, under the sun, you can feel the spirit of old Macau… it’s simply foodie heaven! All kinds of Macau specialties can be indulged in here, crab porridge, local almond cakes, phoenix egg rolls, coconut flakes, and peanut candy, to name only a few. And these also make great gifts to bring back home for friends and family.

Not far from Rua do Cunha street, by the Taipa shore, there are 5 magnificent European style buildings, shady green trees, and ornate green houses. It’s a very romantic landscape with beautiful flowers along the house fronts, a fantastic spot for taking pictures. Before coming here, I briefly read about the history of the place, Casas - Museu da Taipa was the residence of high level officials of the island, as well as home to some of the local Portuguese. As I walked into the museum, I the thing that struck me was how well preserved all of the artifacts were, almost as if the house was still inhabited.

After visiting Casas - Museu da Taipa, it was already dusk, and was a huge contrast to the bright lights of the Cotai strip. In the evening Casas - Museu da Taipa, is very quiet, and has very few people, which makes for a very peaceful atmosphere.

We got back to the brightly-lit Galaxy Macau in the evening. Walking into the Diamond Lobby at Galaxy Hotel, we caught the Diamond Show, which lasts for 5 minutes every half an hour, such a beautiful welcome to the hotel. Next stop for us was China Rouge bar and lounge.

At the entrance of China Rouge, there is an upside-down dragon symbol that looks like it is preparing to take off, setting the vibe of the venue perfectly. When I first heard China Rouge, I pictured olden times in Shanghai, an age of elegance and glamour. Master Chen Youjian designed China Rouge to transport guests back to the 1930s golden era of old Shanghai. I also heard that famous artists Bu Ye and Chen Man were behind some of the art in this place. China Rouge is just like a mysterious, alluring woman, coy but at the same time so real.

China Rouge’s signature cocktail Occult is almost psychedelic; the base spirit of this cocktail is their own citronella vodka, with strawberry liquor and mixed berries, for a truly enticing look that’s hard to resist.

Beyond the drinks, China Rouge houses a lounge, live performance stage, bars, and private boxes. It masterfully blends elements of East and West, whilst being natural, low key and classy in a uniquely Chinese way. The more you explore China Rouge, the more you'll love it.

My day trip in Macau ended delightfully in the charm and luxury of China Rouge, I know tomorrow will bring a new adventure, but I will never forget my time in Macau. It seems to be the perfect unique blend of tradition and modernity. I'm so fortunate to have been able to capture such an incredible Macau with my camera.