Macau’s Michelin Tour

I remember reading in a book once, "Chefs are a kind of artist, and Michelin is the authority that judges their artwork." The legendary Michelin review is rigorous, fair, and bordering on harsh in its honesty: a one-star restaurant is definitely worth a visit, a two-star restaurant is worth traveling for, a three-star restaurant is worth specially arranging a trip around the world. Michelin stars have long had the appeal to attract the world's foodies, and a food lover like me is certainly intrigued enough to quickly purchase flight tickets, open up my file of favorites and plan for my Michelin tour of Macau.

8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA, tasteful artistry beyond food

If you asked me to name the best Italian restaurant in Asia, I would not hesitate in recommending the one Michelin-starred 8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA from internationally acclaimed Chef Umberto BOMBANA. The restaurant’s name comes from the film 8½ shot by legendary Italian director Federico Fellini. The restaurant reflects the artistic style of its name. Comparable to the masterpieces of Venetian craftsmen, the chef's collection of Italian contemporary artist Gianluca Miniaci's paintings steal the show. The 8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA’s wine cellar, designed in a contemporary, artistic style, is dominated by famous Italian and Bordeaux wines. Dining at 8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA, not only do you get to indulge in Michelin cuisine, but you also get to absorb the artistic atmosphere, so much that you would feel like living in an art gallery.

Terrazza Italian Restaurant, taste authentic Italian cuisine

The essence of traditional Italian cuisine is served at Terrazza Italian Restaurant, take in lush greenery and sample the delicious cuisine Italian executive Chef Andrea Fioravanti personally prepares for you. Enjoy the crisp and fragrant signature roasted The “Secret “Pork, Parma Ham, Rocket Pizza, or Grill  Octopus, Smoked Paprika. They’re all simply perfect. Beautiful setting with exquisite food, for a taste journey that keeps giving.

Fook Lam Moon, classic Cantonese cuisine

Fook Lam Moon has a reputation that precedes it, having been listed for many years consecutively in Asia’s Top 50 Restaurants, and honored as a Michelin Plate restaurant. As you enter, the deco with wine rack filled with fine wines carries an air of sophistication. Opening the menu and looking at the dish names, you can feel the blend of traditional culinary artistry and modern innovation. Every dish, every bite tells the story of masterful craftsmanship. Crispy chicken, is the signature dish almost every table orders a plate. Fook Lam Moon surely takes all guests to a journey of authentic Cantonese feasts.

Belon, Tastes from the Deep Sea

Galaxy Macau™ not only has the world's largest Sky-Top Wave Pool but also reflect a familiar ocean feel in the restaurant, particularly in Belon. During a conversation with the waiters, we learned that Belon is name of the premium oysters from Brittany, France. The interior design of the restaurant is awe-inspiring. The crystal-chandeliers, and rows of glittering floor lamps appear like ocean bubbles. When natural light comes through the glass, brilliant reflections are created. Matching with the wave design elements, it is like being inside a water palace. Sitting by the window, with a spectacular panorama of Hengqin island, order a glass of Champagne recommended by the sommelier, watch the delicate bubbles flutter to the surface, my mind wandering amidst the most beautiful aquatic world, while I was enjoying the finest fresh seafood.

Yamazato, the Japanese Kaiseki Master

Food critic Chua Lam once declared that Hotel Okura is the most comfortable hotel in Macau. Following in his footsteps, we chose to say at Hotel Okura and visited the hidden gem on the hotel’s 28th floor – Yamazato. While exiting from elevator we were greeted by a charming lady in Kimono. From our table, we had breathtaking views of Grand Resort Deck through the windows. In no time at all after ordering, exquisite dishes were served one by one. Yamazato’s wasabi is freshly ground with sharkskin. Such a rare and authentic dish! Delicious wasabi together with delectable sashimi, every bite full of happiness. The intangible authentic charm of Japanese cuisine is certainly at Yamazato.

Lai Heen, Macau’s highest restaurant, the peak of authentic Cantonese taste and Macau views

Situated on the 51st floor of The Ritz-Carlton, Macau, Lai Heen is the highest Chinese restaurant in Macau, a vantage point that commands spectacular views. Speaking about this restaurant it would be amiss not to mention executive chef Bill Fu, who achieved 2 Michelin star status with Tin Lung Heen at the Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong. Chef Bill spent more than 20 years mastering Cantonese cuisine, and when asked about his favorite taste, he always answers: the taste of home. The origins of Fu’s cooking come from his childhood memories of his mother’s cooking, building on those authentic flavors over the years, innovating and improving, and utilizing the finest fresh seasonal ingredients, whilst never losing the distinctive roots. Going to Lai Heen to eat is like coming home.

Macau, is a place that will never be forgotten, if you are as in love with food as I am, this is the ideal place to visit. Here, every single dish deserves to be savored. It’s your turn to start your Michelin tour of Macau!