Today’s Cantonese

One would be hard pressed to find a Cantonese food lover in the region who isn’t familiar with the name Fook Lam Moon. The restaurant, which originated in Hong Kong, has always stood out for its authentic flavors and exquisite craftsmanship, exemplified by its celebrated dim sum offerings. Now, at Galaxy Macau™ – the team is shaking things up.

According to Fook Lam Moon’s head chef Au Yeung Chung Kei, the dining world is rapidly changing, and the key to thriving in such a fast-paced environment is to keep progressing. “Fook Lam Moon has always had a loyal customer base,” he says, “because we’ve always been the gatekeeper of classic Cantonese cuisine. In the food and beverage industry, whether you’re front of house or in the kitchen, it’s also important to keep moving with the times.”

It’s fair to say that Fook Lam Moon has been doing just that from the very beginning. Established as a home catering service in 1948 by Chui Fook-chuen, it eventually reworked its business model as Hong Kong’s economy took off and dining tastes began to change. The original restaurant opened in 1972, and five years later, a second one followed to keep up with heavy market demand.

Over the last decade or so, the team has observed strong outside influences on the dining culture in Macau and Hong Kong, most notably from mainland China and Southeast Asia, along with emerging culinary trends like fusion and even DIY cooking. Eating preferences are also shifting, thanks to increasing concerns about personal well-being. “Even very authentic Cantonese cuisine these days is influenced by other cooking styles,” says the chef, “and you have to adapt in order to improve.”

In response, a major emphasis of the new à la carte and dim sum menu set Fook Lam Moon is the nutrition-conscious use of healthy ingredients. “We’re steering toward more vegetables, less meat and oil, and healthier ways of creating food,” the chef remarks, explaining that the restaurant’s dim sum dishes, while staying true to traditional flavors, are prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients like Chinese mushrooms and bamboo shoots and are presented with an appealing contemporary aesthetic.

“Many diners have very specific ideas about what they look for in a Cantonese meal,” he adds, “and we totally respect that. But Fook Lam Moon’s team has found innovative ways to present these time-honored favorites in a fresh new light. And we take the time to introduce our new offerings to guests. We explain the story behind each one, the cooking methods, and the healthy ingredients used.”

According to the chef, no matter what the pace of innovation, there’s one thing that Fook Lam Moon’s fans can be sure will never change: “The quality and freshness of our ingredients will always be the kitchen’s number one priority.”