Belon, Tastes from the Deep Sea

Galaxy Macau™ not only has the world's largest Sky-Top Wave Pool but also reflect a familiar ocean feel in the restaurant, particularly in Belon. During a conversation with the waiters, we learned that Belon is name of the  premium oysters from Brittany, France. The interior design of the restaurant is awe-inspiring. The crystal-chandeliers, and rows of glittering floor lamps appear like ocean bubbles. When natural light comes through the glass, brilliant reflections are created. Matching with the wave design elements, it is like being inside a water palace. Sitting by the window, with a spectacular panorama of Hengqin island, order a glass of Champagne recommended by the sommelier, watch the delicate bubbles flutter to the surface, my mind wandering amidst the most beautiful aquatic world, while I was enjoying the finest fresh seafood.