Spring/Summer 2019 Trends: Top Fashion Looks You Need To Know

Brimming with creativity, Fashion Week for spring/summer 2019 was a vibrant melting pot of ideas. Dior reveals its essence in lightness and extreme suppleness. Bodysuits, tanks and light jumpsuits form a choreography of clothing in an infinity of nude shades, a multitude of variations, corresponding to the body’s movements. Donatella Versace conjured up models of Amazonian, exuberant glamour in an unapologetic kaleidoscope of patterns and prints. Loewe presented a collection that celebrated craft through an exciting display of crochet, raffia, basketry and patchwork.

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1. Going With The Flow

Fashion is often seen as a form of living architecture, where movement is pivotal to making clothes come to life. Whether through silk, chiffon, or fringe, these feminine and flowy designs create a feeling of lightness and effortlessness. Whether it is an exaggerated fringe Gucci dress, a sheer chiffon leopard-print Saint Laurent gown, or a voluminous white Loewe look, these pieces truly come to life through movement. For bonus style points, don these looks on a particularly windy day for maximum impact.

2. Shape Shifting

Fashion has always celebrated the unique and inspiring attributes of both men and women. And while some womenswear designers have created collections based around menswear-inspired silhouettes, others have taken the opposite route – to celebrate and reaffirm the uniquely feminine hourglass figure of women. This season Versace did so with a short, form-fitting dress in black, wrapped and tightly nipped around the waist. The corset silhouette from Fendi features an evocative and feminine line.

3. Neutral Nudes

Minimalists are often known for looks that are consistently elegant, and always on point. One of the ways they do so is with a wardrobe color palette of neutral and monochrome hues. In particular, skin-toned nudes are very prominent this season, paired with other earthy colors and sophisticated shapes to illustrate how elegant the color can be. Italian luxury house Bottega Veneta has always favored warm and earthy tones, and its beige trench coat is a testament to its intimate understanding of understated luxury. In its collection, Prada favored beige with dark browns, black and white, to express a desire of extreme freedom combined with classic conservatism. And Christian Dior featured beige in a collection that veered towards ashy grey, for a steely cool and contemporary aesthetic.

4. Puffy Sleeves

Make a style statement that will truly turn heads with puffy sleeves. These exaggerated shapes were a prominent motif on the runway, and came in various sizes and designs. They are also incredibly photogenic, and will stand out on Instagram or WeChat for their voluminous shape. This season’s puffy sleeves have evolved from previous seasons, going bigger and bolder. Loewe went up close and personal with knitwear fibers, by delivering oversized sleeves that drop past the cuff in a vibrant coral orange sweater. Gucci went retro with its fan-shaped sleeves, engineered with strategically placed pleats for a fantastical red look. And Louis Vuitton went sci-fi with a drop shoulder structure, made with a hardy silver mesh for a futuristic and streamlined look.

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