Songhuahu Dumplings

Songhuahu Dumplings is now at Broadway Macau! With over 170 different dishes, ranging from dumplings, noodles, steamed buns, Northern Chinese pancakes, etc, Songhuahu Dumplings offers rustic and authentic Northern China flavor for gourmets, by using the home-made sauces and excellent ingredients. Must-try items include Spareribs with Soy Sauce, Braised Pork, Spareribs with French Beans, Sweet Corn and Potatoes, as well as Pancake with Chili Shredded Pork and Mixed Vegetables with Egg and Soy Bean Paste. To experience the authentic Northern Chinese dishes, visit Songhuahu Dumplings’s brand new outlet at Broadway Macau.

Restaurant Info

Opening Time:10:00 – 03:00

Location: Broadway Food Street, E-1004A & E-1004

Tel:+853 2836 6133

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