The yellow-feathered chicken is the most highly esteemed breed among Chinese gourmets, with tender, flavorful flesh, thin skin, and exactly the right amount of muscle fat. While difficult to rear to a mature weight of 3 to 4 kg, the bird is also known for its medicinal and nutritional benefits. Stewed, steamed or simmered, its taste is unforgettable in Asian or Western dishes.

TerrazzaYellow-feather Chicken alla "Diavola"MOP238Book Now
Lugang CaféBraised Yellow-feather Chicken with Abalone and Pickled Chili (Half)MOP288Book Now
Steamed Yellow-feather Chicken with Chinese Ham in Lotus LeafMOP288
Pak Loh Chiu Chow RestaurantBraised Yellow-feather Chicken with Pepper and PicklesMOP388Book Now
Deep-fried Crispy Yellow-feather Chicken with Sichuan ChiliMOP388
The Noodle KitchenWok-fried Yellow-feather Chicken with Scallion and Black BeansMOP188Book Now
Steamed Yellow-feather Chicken with Cordyceps Flower and Yellow ChiliMOP188
YoshimoriYellow-feather Chicken TeriyakiMOP188Book Now
Fook Lam MoonSteamed Yellow-feather Chicken with Lily Buds and Black FungusMOP198Book Now
Braised Yellow-feather Chicken with Bitter MelonMOP198
GostoYellow-feather Chicken Stew and Fried Potatoes in EarthenwareMOP148Book Now
Myung GaYellow-feather Chicken Soup with Wild Ginseng and Black RiceMOP388Book Now
Grilled Yellow-feather Chicken Fillet with Homemade SauceMOP128
Tasty KitchenDeep-fried Crispy Yellow-feather Chicken (Half)MOP128Book Now
Steamed Yellow-feather Chicken with Red Dates and Black Fungus
BelonHomemade Tagliolini White Truffle and Yellow-feather Chicken ConsomméMOP458Book Now
Yellow-feather Chicken Casserole with Wild Mushrooms, Vegetables Medley and Red Wine Tomato SauceMOP388
Oven Roasted Yellow-feather Chicken “Piri Piri”,Herbs Roasted Potato WedgesMOP358