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Wong Kun Sio Kung

The Michelin recommended restaurant since 2018, Wong Kun Sio Kung honors a 35-year old tradition of making noodles using the bamboo method. It serves the widely-popular Shrimp Roe Tossed Noodles, as well as local favorites like Sea Crab Congee and Deep-fried Whitebait with Salt and Pepper. Renowned in Hong Kong and Macau for its fine cuisine, and attentive, welcoming staff, Wong Kun Sio Kung represents the best in Asian dining.

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Advance reservation is required. Please contact our duty phone at (853) 6368 1872 for any assistance

Broadway Food Street, A-G017

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The stunning orangish congee is made of a giant sea crab freshly delivered from the market and selected rice which gives the aroma of the rice smoothie. Let the strong umami of sea crab overwhelm you in the casserole of congee.