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From the North to the South
Terrazza Italian Restaurant | Galaxy Macau

Terrazza Italian Restaurant

Sharing is at the heart of the Italian dining tradition. With a menu that celebrates the regional diversity of Italian cuisine, Terrazza is the trattoria to gather with friends and family. Savor authentic rustic fare of the North and Mediterranean flavors of the South at the patio under the stars, or witness how our chefs transform quality ingredients into tantalizing dishes through the open kitchen. True to Italian culinary tradition, Terrazza only selects the freshest and finest produce for every dish. In addition to the delightful dishes, a special corner has been set aside in the restaurant as the wine cellar, with a carefully curated selection of over 100 wines. 

Restaurant Info
Opening Time:

18:00 – 22:00


Galaxy Macau, 2/F, 2001

Dress Code:

Ladies - Smart casual, no slippers, cap or hat

Gents - Smart casual, no slippers or open shoes (sandals), cap or hat, shorts or sleeveless top

Recommended dishes



A specialty of Lombard cuisine, cross-cut veal shanks are stewed in a hearty broth with white wine and vegetables for almost 3 hours until fork-tender. The rich, velvety smooth bone marrow is the signature part of the dish, best enjoyed in complement with the fragrant saffron risotto.

Carpaccio di Mano "Fassone"

Carpaccio di Mano "Fassone"

Fassona beef from Piedmont is known for its top-quality lean meat that is most suitable for making carpaccio. After being marinated with rock salt and herbs for 4 days, the beef is brushed with oil and soaked in whisky for another 2 days for the flavor to intensify. Sliced-wafer thin, the beef is served with a crunchy salad of rocket leaves, cheese and artichoke, topped with a refreshing, zesty lemon vinaigrette.

Sea Salt Crusted Sea Bass

Sea Salt Crusted Sea Bass

Definitely a show stopper of a meal. Whole sea bass is marinated with a medley of herbs and baked in a salt crust until fork-tender. The salt crust retains all the juices, and the flesh is moist and perfectly seasoned.


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