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The Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge

The Macallan Whiskey Bar & Lounge is the first and only bar in Asia to feature Macallan as its signature whiskey. The bar boasts a collection of over 400 malt whiskeys, including the rarest selections from the Macallan Distillery. It is a true heaven for whiskey aficionados. Savor your favorite of the best Scottish malts, and drink in the history of Macallan whiskey. The Macallan Whiskey Bar & Lounge also serves up champagne, wine, cocktails, and a whole host of other exceptional drinks, to suit all tastes. From the moment you enter, you will be struck by an inviting warmth like none other. A deep Scottish flavor permeates throughout, from the furniture down to the smallest details, including the lamps and books on display. Traditional furniture, oak floors, leather sofas, beautifully patterned rugs, and an impressive fireplace come together for the perfect environment to unwind in. The gentle light reflecting from the crystal chandelier, the warmth of the roaring fire, and the well-stocked whiskey cabinet, will transport you away to the Scottish Highlands. The Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge is the first and only official outlet in Macau that features the original Scotland-accredited Whisky Ambassador program. This reputable course is for professionals in the industry but also for whisky enthusiasts. The Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge organizes classes, activities and workshops with experts, participants will learn about the colorful history and also appreciate the intricacies of the fine premium spirit.(1)

Restaurant Info
Opening Time:

Open for Patio Only
Sunday to Thursday: 1700 - 23:00
Friday to Saturday: 17:00 - 00:00

Galaxy Hotel, 2/F, 203
Dress Code:
Ladies - Smart casual, no slippers, cap or hat Gents - Smart casual, no slippers or open shoes (sandals), cap or hat, shorts or sleeveless top

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Come and taste the sweetness within the bitterness, the sourness within the sweetness, and magnify the flavors of life by jump starting your taste buds.
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Vintage Negroni

Negroni has stolen many hearts, the sweet scent of gin, the orange fragrance and the sweet and bitter flavors of Campari, create a smooth texture with a classic flavor that captivates the hearts of those lucky enough to try.

Macallan Expressions Through Time

This is where gentlemen meet and appreciate vintage Macallan Whisky.