Authentic Shunde restaurant with 70 years of history
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Fong Seng Lai Kei Restaurant凤城礼记鱼翅海鲜酒家.png

Fong Seng Lai Kei Restaurant

With a history that spans 70 years and 3 generations, Fong Seng Lai Kei is one of the oldest and most established restaurants in Macau. It continues to be run by the Yip family, and its signature dishes include Braised Supreme Shark’s Fin & Chicken Stock, Deep-fried Crispy Crab Cake and Poach Chicken with Spring Onion.

Restaurant Info
Opening Time:

12:00 – 15:00
18:00 – 22:00
(Closed on Tuesday)


Broadway Food Street, A-G023-G026

Recommended dishes

Deep-fried Crispy Crab Cake

Deep-fried Crispy Crab Cake is a Shunde traditional dish using wafer-thin pork, crab meat, shrimps and dried mushroom; the fritters are never greasy after frying.