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ARTiculate Film Series at UA Galaxy Cinemas

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Watch as artistic legacies unfold on the big screen!

UA Galaxy Cinemas and Hong Kong UA CineHub bring to you exclusively “ARTiculate” film series featuring some of the greatest masterpieces in history. Discover the inspirations and the timeless appeal of their works, as well as their enduring influence.

In 2020, we update the series with 8 new films. The lineup features Van Gogh, the most famous and influential post-impressionist artist of all time; Auguste Renoir, a leading French Impressionist master; legendary Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, of the 20th century; the connoisseurs of music and life story of the greatest composers – Beethoven, Chopin and Mozart; a pioneer of the art movement known as Fauvism by Henri Matisse; and Vermeer, one of the three greatest Dutch masters along with Rembrandt and Van Gogh. Get your tickets and join us for an immersive journey of artistic discoveries.