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Fortune Diamond

First impressions are important – at Galaxy MacauTM, we wanted to give you, our guests, the finest possible experience from the moment you enter. The Fortune Diamond is located in our main lobby – it’s a mammoth three-meter gem that rises before your very eyes from behind a waterfall. The Diamond was created by veteran entertainment designer Jeremy Railton and symbolises all that we in the galaxy strive for: wealth, luck and love.

Wishing Crystals

Our second lobby holds our finest interactive experience: the immense Wishing Crystals, numerous gems that rise from the ground to offer their blessings to you and your family. Once again designed by Jeremy Railton, they’re a marvel of interaction: wave your hands before the crystals and watch them pulse with light and music.

Galaxy Laserama

The name Galaxy implies the celestial heavens above – with our laser show, we’ve more than lived up to it by touching the skies and beyond. As one of the largest laser shows in the world, our nightly showings employ state-of-the-art beams synchronized with surrounding music. With eight showings a night and a different spectacle every time, it’s a Galaxy MacauTM highlight that you can see from across Macau.

The Macallan Whisky Bar

Throughout its illustrious 200-year history, The Macallan Distillery has served up some of the finest Scotch whisky the world has ever tasted. The opening of Asia's first Macallan Whisky Bar was a landmark event for Galaxy MacauTM – designed with the Scottish Highlands in mind, its heavy oak-wood panelling and classical furniture hark back to centuries long past, while the selection of over 350 whiskeys means you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to your favourite tipple.

Grand Resort Deck

The Grand Resort Deck is the ultimate attraction at Galaxy MacauTM – an immense, 52,000-square-meter, must-see marvel that includes endless leisurely facilities for the whole family. From its 4000-meter skytop wave pool, capable of creating surfs as high as 1.5 meters, to its white sand beach, complete with tropical and Japanese gardens, it’s a slice of paradise right in the city.

Gold Leaf Cupolas

Inspired by classical symbols of ancient architecture, our gold leaf cupolas are the very definition of Galaxy MacauTM’s sense of palatial splendour. All six golden cupolas are completely adorned in 24-carat gold – enough to cover 87 football pitches in the precious metal. With four of them measuring 15 metres high, and another two at a massive 24 metres, they tower above most of Macau.

Galaxy Ambassadors

Above all else, service is essential. At the Galaxy MacauTM, we believe in “World Class, Asian Heart” – which is to say, offering you the finest world-class service, but with the welcoming nature that can only come from an Asian heart. It’s an idea that is spread across all three hotels – Banyan Tree Macau, Hotel Okura Macau, and Galaxy HotelTM.

Palace-Inspired Building

When it came to designing the vast complex that is the Galaxy MacauTM, the hiring of renowned LA-based architect Gary Goddard seemed obvious. His work on theme parks and large-scale resorts was the perfect pairing for our palace-inspired approach – decked out like an Asian palace, its gold colour scheme and Chinese-inspired designs offer an inviting atmosphere to our treasured guests.